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Where To Buy A Balikbayan Box?

So, you want to send a "balikbayan box" to the Philippines but you don't know where to buy the box? Don't worry, we got you covered. Below are links to places where you can purchase a box for use in sending your "balikbayan box" to the Philippines. Links are noted if purchase is done online only or in store near you. By the way, most of these places are not associated with us in any way.

Maharlikan Forwarder uses 28x18x18 as our large (standard) size box.
We also offer shipping for a smaller 24x18x18 size box for a little less.

Consider buying double-walled boxes for maximum protection during transit. Otherwise, you must double your box (putting 1 box inside another). Do this if you will be using a single-walled box just to make sure your box won't open during transit. Pack tightly and tape your box properly. Make sure none of your items can be move out of place inside the box.
If you want to purchase boxes from Maharlikan Forwarder, you must ask the agent near you. Call toll free, (877) 533-2228. If you are outside our area of service, you can purchase your box here online. We have also listed several national store chains where you can purchase your boxes directly in stores near you.

Places To Buy Boxes From Description
Au Chu Asian Store
3170 S. 27th St
They sell balikbayan boxes for $4.75 per box. Size 28x18x18. This is our large (Standard) size. This place is just south of Oklahoma Ave. Accross Leon's Ice Cream Shop.
Mail Express
2465 Lineville Rd.
Howard, WI.
54313 Tel. (920) 434-7100
Our drop-off site in the Greenbay Area. Buy and send your boxes thru here.
Armour Storage This is also our balikbayan box drop-off place in Milwaukee. Available Size 24x18x18. The boxes are sturdy single walled. For heavier package you might have to double box. Address: 999 West Mount Vernon, Milwaukee, WI. To buy 28x18x18 size box you must deal with the agent directly. Call the toll-free number or request a box online.
U-Haul Stores Available Size 18x18x24. The only difference is it is standing up instead of laying down 24x18x18. This is our "small" box size. Also this is a single-walled box. So you need to buy two boxes and put one inside the other.
Pack And Ship Stores in Chicago List From Yellow Pages. Make sure you call them first. Most Pack N Ship places carry box size 24x18x18. Ask for double walled type. This is our "small" box size. If they only have a single-walled box. You need to buy two boxes and double box (put one inside the other).
Filipino Stores in Chicago List from Usually a Filipino store sells balikbayan boxes. But make sure you call them first. Ask for a balikbayan box size 28x18x18. This is our standard size box. If they carry a different size, 1 inch bigger is allowable. Over the 1 inch allowance is a $5 fee per additional inch. Size 24x18x18 double walled is available here. The only thing, you must purchase online in lots of 15. Maybe a good deal if you are sending multiple boxes? Save unused boxes for later. If you can't find boxes at stores, you can purchase single walled boxes here. Sizes available 28x18x18 and 24x18x18. You must double your box when using this type of box. Drawback: Sold in lots of 10.

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